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Cheap Remaps In Derby

Welcome to Derbyshire ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Specialists

Part of Remap UK One of the UK's biggest Remapping Franchises!

Derbyshire Remapping specialise in ECU remapping on Petrol and Diesel engines with prices starting at an Incredible £149inc!
We Can Remap Your Petrol Or Turbo Diesel Tdi, Be It A Car, Van, Motorhome Right Up To HGV's To Improve Economy & Performance By Upto 30%!
We use the very latest & best equipment to make it a simple operation to have your vehicle engine tuned, reliability is never compromised!
In Fact, reliability is usually improved along with emmissions due to a more effiecient running engine.
Also, most of the vehicles we do can be done without being traceable and our tuning files are all bespoke to The customer and they're needs.
If you wish to learn more about what an Ecu Remap can do then please contact us direct for free and friendly advice, you can use the contact us
page, or if your viewing this site on a mobile device just click the telephone or email button below.